Jaffis and QJaffis

Basic Information

Jaffis and QJaffis are graphical programs that serve as search and download tools for Fanfiction.Net, Fimfiction.Net, and Archiveofourown.org, with a few other additions. The original program, Jaffis, as well as its replacement, QJaffis, were and continue to be developed as personal tools that I am releasing in case somebody else finds them useful.

I make no claims as to the elegance or usefulness of QJaffis or Jaffis. If you wish to report bugs, you can do so, but do not necssarily expect them to be fixed (or even expect a response). For more detailed information on the use of these programs, looks in the 'Docs' folder in the archive.

QJaffis is a newer version of the Program derived from Jaffis. While Jaffis uses the widget library wxWidgets, QJaffis uses the more popular Qt library. For the end user, QJaffis is faster, uses some better designed widgets, and includes modifications to handle recent (December 2017) changes at Fimfiction.Net. However, it lacks the Fanfiction.Net Search Update, and the Google front-end. Also, it is currently Windows only. Therefore, Jaffis is still available, although I probably won't update it anymore.

Also, those looking at searching Fanfiction.Net might want to try out Flipper.

The Downloads:

Jaffis uses wxWidgets and libcurl, so i've included the wxWindows license (licence3.txt), and the libcurl license (curl_license.txt) in the archive. Since you apparently cannot just release a program without a license these days, I've decided that this program should be considered as licensed under the 3-clause BSD License (licence.txt). Executables are provided for Windows (x86, Windows 2000 or newer), Mac OS X (10.4 Tiger or newer, old-fashioned Universal Binary), and Linux (separate binaries for 32 bit x86, amd64/x64 (64 bit x86), 32 bit PowerPC, and 64 bit PowerPC).

Jaffis and QJaffis Updates:

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